Friday, February 7, 2020

Biography: Be Brave

Dear Future Me,

As you were going through senior year of college and thinking about what lays ahead, you had a lot of time on your hands. So, you watched a lot of either romantic comedy TV shows or romantic movie trailers. One trailer that caused a flood of thoughts and feelings was "Something Borrowed." We watched this movie a few years back, but for a while now I have forgotten it. Recalling this movie triggered lots of confusion to arise within you but I think I was able to funnel it into a lesson. I wanted to share with you the feelings you had at 21. I wanted you to have the following thoughts you had, and do and grow with it in whatever way you want. Just know it felt good to let these thoughts out and I hope it can encourage you to be brave in any part of your life.


What Rachel did in the past was what she thought would be best for everyone else. Disregarding her own feelings, she was focused on one question "what was expected from her?" I understand why she did this. She put others before herself. However, the fact that she did not speak her truth, led her to live six years just going through the motions and denying herself the right to feel. I think this is the lesson I want you to learn from. Your thoughts are valid and it speaks the truth that you are feeling. So give yourself the right to feel. I think we have the tendency to put others before self. While that is important and we should keep doing that, don't let it go to the point where you are invalidating your own feelings for the sake of others. Speak your truth. Embrace and understand your own feelings. Speak your words into existence. Try your best to know yourself.

(Cover of the book "Something Borrowed" that turned into a movie adaptation.)


Be brave, Zhanie. You owe it to yourself to be brave.

With all my love,
xoxo NZMV

Author's Note:
I chose to write this lesson above bravery to my future self because it has been something that I have recently realized I was bad at, so I am currently trying to get better at it. While the mistakes that were made was not that of my own and rather was of a movie that I watched, I think that the lesson that I learned is what really counts. The act of me watching the movie happened in my life and it is me recalling one of my favorite movies so that is how I believe it is a biography.. Furthermore, there is a tendency that we just let art pass us by. However, there are sometimes truly great lessons to be learned through them but we don't intact these lessons in our brain. In this Story Lab, I wanted to combine my act of watching the movie, the characters' actions in the movie, and my lesson learned. I also wanted to write it in the form of a letter addressed to my future self, so that I can encourage myself to be brave.

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