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Reading Notes: PDE Mahabharata, Part C

By:ArnoldBesantDeveeDuttGanguliKincaidMacfieMackenzieNiveditaSeeger, and Tagore

Reading Notes - Favorite Episodes:
  • Bhima and Hanuman
    • Hanuman was in the epic Ramayana; therefore, it is interesting to see the same character in a different context. 
    • Bhima came across Hanuman.
      • Hanuman was a monkey on the ground that would not get up.
      • At Bhima's request, Hanuman told him of his extraordinary identity.
      • When Bhima did not believe Hanuman, Hanuman became a giant. 
    • Hanuman shared much wisdom to Bhima. 
    • Both found out that they were both sons of the god, Vayu. 
  • Krishna and Karna
    • Karna tries to convince Krishna that if he comes with him, then Krishna will be regarded by the Pandavas as their older brother and Krishna will be king.
    • Krishna is not convinced by Karna and says that he must stay and fight for his friends. 
      • Krishna knows he must stay to fight Arjuna in battle.
      • He believes that fate will decide who is greater when they fight.
    • Even though, Krishna did not do as Karna wishes, they were still in good terms,
    • Both Kunti and Vidura are distrought about the idea of war breaking out between Duryodhana and the Pandavas.
      • Karna is Kunti's eldest son that she hid.
      • However, it is Karna supports Duryodhana. 
      • Therefore, Karna, in a way, is planning to go to war against his brothers.
    • Kunti searched for her son, Karna, in order to apologize about hiding him. 
      • She confessed to him that she was truly her mother and Radha, who found him, was not his mother. 
      • Furthermore, Kunti seemed to plead with Karna to not fight a war against his own brothers, the Pandavas. 
      • Karna was known of having a lowly birth, so Kunti used this opportunity to convince him that he should come back with her and not go against his brothers and that he will be no longer known of lowly birth. 
    • A voice from the sun spoke and confirmed that what Karna said was true. 
    • Karna could not easily forgive Kunti.
      • Karna believed that Kunti was never a mother to him; therefore, he does not see her other sons as his brother.
      • Karna said that Kunti was "too late" in coming forward towards him and request a favor from him.
    • Kunti respected Karna's decision and respectively bid him farewell. She told him to remember that he pledged the lives of his brothers while he is in battle, while also wishing him good health.
    • Karna agreed with Kunti.
    • They both departed from each other. 
This image represents the reaching of Kunti to her son. Similar to this image, their hands do not clasp and they go their separate ways. 

Bibliography: Public Domain Edition of the Mahabharata, Part C  Multiple Authors from Various Sources: ArnoldBesantDeveeDuttGanguliKincaidMacfieMackenzieNiveditaSeeger, and Tagore

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