Sunday, February 2, 2020

Topic Research: Jataka Folktales

The focus of my Storybook will be on Folktales/Jataka Tales. These Jataka Folktales contain so much wisdom that can help our thoughts, relationships, and confidence. I have narrowed three Jataka Folktales that my Storybook can further dive into.

1. Elephant Stories: Jataka Tales of Nobility
The term "noble" has been something that has always intrigued me. I think it is something many aspires to be. Some people are born into nobility; while, others work hard to be regarded as noble by those around them. I would love to explore these perspectives. It intrigues me that in these Jataka Folktales, the lessons and wisdom about nobility are coming from the strong, large animal of the elephant. I think this will bring an interesting perspective to the storytelling. Furthermore, in this preview that I found online the Elephant Stories regards the elephant as both patient and nasty. It further asks that if the large elephant can turn nasty, what can smaller creatures do to save themselves? I would love to explore this theme!

2. True Friends: Jataka Tales of Good Conduct
I think these Jataka Folktales will have great wisdom and can teach me a lot about how to be a better friend. These tales look like they will be told based off human perspectives based off the cover. I think it is because of this fact that these episodes can be especially relatable and can teach many lessons. I think the path I would take with this story will focus on the theme on how we can be true friends with others even if we move away and are emotionally and physically in different places in life.

3. Stories of Courage: Jataka Tales of Valour and Victory
The reason I am interested in this story can be simply stated as: I want to be more courageous. I have a shirt that says "Be Courageous - Pope Francis" Personally, I love Pope Francis and part of the reason I wear this shirt on certain days is because I want to be braver that day. The route I would take with this story is focusing on the growth of a character to be courageous at the most epic of times.

The little pig standing up for its fellow pigs against the tiger on the cover of the Stories of Courage: Jataka Tales of Valour and Victory is what I want to be. This story is one of my possible stories that I will chose from to dive into further in my Storybook.

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