Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Reading Notes: More Ramayana - Sita Sings the Blues, Part A

By: Nina Pale

These notes are over the film Sita Sings the Blues, Part A.  There is a great focus on Sita and I love that!
  • Rama is banished from his father's kingdom.
  • Sita said to Rama "If you go, I go."
  • Sita is head over heels for Rama. --> Even with no money, she is still thankful.
  • Rama defeats any threat to safety they have in the forest.
  • Ravana is king of Lanka who seems to be a really good guy. 
    • --> His only flaw is taking Sita away from Rama.
      • --> Taking Sita away from Rama is instigated by Ravana's sister, because she wanted to hurt Rama for killing their people and animals.
        • Ravana's sister convinces him by saying "Sita is the most beautiful woman in the world."
  • Sita is kidnapped by Ravana and he takes her to Lanka
  • Sita leaves a "trail" for people to find her by dropping her jewelry.
  • Hanunan's sole purpose is to help Rama.
    • -->Rama asks Hanunan to find Sita.
  • Sita stays under a tree in Lanka either:
    • weeping
    • worshiping Rama
    • rejecting Ravana over and over again 
  • Hanunan arrives to Lanka and searches for Sita.
    • --> As Hanunan looks for Sita, he also sets the kingdom of Lanka on fire.
    • --> Hanunan finds Sita but Sita does not go back to Rama with him because she wants Rama himself to find and rescue her.
      • Sita's want for this is perceived in different ways.
        • --> Her action is seen as a mistake.
        • --> Her action is seen as wanting to glorify Rama because he would be the one to save her and Rama could fight and defeat Ravana.
  • Rama organizes an army of half-monkey/half-human creatures to fight against Ravana's army to get back Sita.
  • Rama's army defeats Ravana's army.
  • Rama and Sita's first fight (or it seems to be the first) occurs:
    • However, Rama doubt Sita's purity because she has been in the kingdom of Ravana.
    • Sita is hurt and argues her purity.
    • Rama believes Sita through being convinced by a washerman.
    • So Rama believes Sita is pure and begs Sita to forgive him for doubting her.
    • Sita forgives Rama.
  • Sita is so happy they have made up. --> "No rainbow without rain."

Rama and Sita forgive each other after (what seems to be) their first fight.

Bibliography: Sita Sings the Blues, Part A by Nina Paley. Created 2008.

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