Monday, February 24, 2020

Extra Credit Biography: A Christmas to Remember

Tall trees are hitting against each other so hard that it seems like they are fighting. Rain pellets are banging against the windows. The wind is howling as it weaves around the house. We are in the middle of a Signal #2 typhoon. At the house, my lola (meaning grandma), two aunts (named Nene and Mabelle), mommy, daddy, sister, 15 year-old cousin (name Miguel), and two year old niece (named Andrea) are preparing for Christmas Mass. This is my first time being in a typhoon. I am so confused at why no one was freaking out. However, I just go along with the flow. With our makeup done, we begin taking family pictures. This is a Christmas for me to remember because it is my first Christmas spending it with my relatives that I can ACTUALLY remember. Living in the U.S. has brought me so many blessings; however, when holidays roll around everyone seems to be having big, family dinners with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., I always felt a little bit of sadness. As we are taking family photos of all different poses, I realize I forgot about the typhoon encircling us. Family is everything. They are ones who will stick by us through the sunshiny days and the typhoon, rainy days. I love my family!

(Personal image of my family on Christmas 2019)
Front Row: Andrea, Nene, Lola, Mabelle, Miguel
Back Row: Mommy, Sister, Me, Daddy

In this biography story, I wanted to showcase the importance of family. Growing up, I had lots of friends who had grandparents, aunts, or cousins who lived across the street from them. However, about 90% of my relatives live outside of the country. While I absolutely love my immediate family, sometimes I wish I also had my relatives to spend important moments with. More so, I wrote the story in present tense because I wanted the reader to feel my same emotions, especially being in a typhoon for the first time.

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  1. HI Again Zhanie!

    You’re so lucky that you got to celebrate the holidays with your family in the Philippines. I haven’t been able to but I am determined to make it happen at some point. I always hear how fun Christmas is over there so I really want to be able to celebrate with my family. One thing that you brought up in your story was how when the holidays came around, everyone here seemed to have big gatherings with their families and that you felt lonely. I completely understand how you feel because while I have a huge family in the Philippines, my family in the US is small. When Thanksgiving or Christmas comes around, it’s always just me and my parents. Sometimes my brother and his family would come but it’s not always the case. Anyways, I enjoyed your story; it really resonated with me.