Thursday, February 6, 2020

Extra Credit Reading Notes: PDE Ramayana, Part C

by Multiple Authors from Various Sources: M. Dutt, R. Dutt, Gould, Griffith, Hodgson, Mackenzie, Nivedita, Oman, Richardson, and Ryder.

Notetaking Strategy: Focus on Plot

  • Rama and Lakshmana was discovered by Sugriva, King of the Monkeys, and Hanuman, his best servant monkey who can change his appearance into anything he chooses.
  • Sugriva has a problem of his own and wants Rama and Lakshmana to help him. 
    • Sugriva has been banished from his kingdom by his older brother, and along with banishment he lost his wife to his brother.
  • Rama encouraged Sugriva to set up a fight with his brother, Vali. 
    • Rama and Sugriva made a pact that if Rama and Lakshmana help Sugriva defeat his older brother, Vali, in return Sugriva shall send all his animal servants to look for Sita.
    • Sugriva and Vali fought, and, of course, through Rama's help Vali died.
  • Sugriva became king of the palace; however, he did not fulfill his promise of finding Sita for the longest time. It was through Lakshmana's threat to Sugriva, that Sugriva began to act on his promise. 
  • A couple of monkeys came across Sampati, the brother of Jatayu, who was the courageous bird who tried to help Sita against Ravana. Through Sampati, the monkey's learned that Sita at a far-away place called Lanka.
  • Hanuman became the brave monkey who would look for Sita at Lanka.
    • Throughout Lanka, Hanuman looked for Sita. However, Hanuman struggled to find Sita in any of the rooms in the kingdom.
    • Finally, however, as Hanuman was giving up and exiting the palace, he crossed the Ashoka grove. There, he found the beautiful Sita.
    • Before Hanuman could be seen Ravana rushed to Sita and demanded from her to be his wife. However, the courageous Sita strictly said "No!" as she knew in her heart that Rama should be coming for her. Ravana in return gave her two months to live unless she becomes his wife and then left.
  • Hanuman approached Sita and said he was sent by Rama.
    • Sita did not believe him at first. It was when Hanuman showed Sita the ring that Rama gave him to show her, did she finally believe.
    • Hanuman offered to carry Sita away, but Sita, in her modest purity politely declined and said she only wanted to be touched by Rama.
  • However, Hanuman was captured and by the servants of Ravana. 
    • Through his capturing, however, Hanuman's cords that bound him was loose. 
    • He pretended that he was still in his chains as he planned his great escape.
  • Hanuman escaped and in the process burned half of Lanka down. He managed to find Sita and they went home to Rama together. 
    • This left Ravana in anguish. He looked for council in others in what should be done to Hanuman and Rama. It was his third warning to just let Sita go back to Rama or else the strong Rama will attack him: first warning by Sita, then by Hanuman, and thirdly by Ravana's own brother Vibishana, who in result was banished from the kingdom by Ravana.

This image represents the courage of both Sita and Hanuman in their respective ways. Being courageous was a theme of this reading and especially shown by them.

Bibliography: Public Domain Edition of the Ramayana, Part C; Multiple Authors from Various Sources: M. Dutt, R. Dutt, Gould, Griffith, Hodgson, Mackenzie, Nivedita, Oman, Richardson, and Ryder.

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